• 1 in every 3 men has experienced or is experiencing issues with ejaculatory control.

  • For 90% of these men, the root causes are primarily psychological, which can be effectively addressed with natural solutions.

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The power of natural plants in ejaculation control

The unique formula of MYHIXEL MAX, developed by expert nutritionists and sexual health specialists, regulates serotonin, a neurotransmitter and vasoconstrictor, which helps control anxiety and stress, factors that can influence and trigger ejaculation control problems.

Based on a clinical study, this formula combines two natural plants, quercetin and hypericum perforatum, with active ingredients that directly impact ejaculation control. Quercetin also acts as a powerful antioxidant, providing benefits for overall health, not just intimate health.

Clinically proven

A scientific study published in The Journal of Sexual Medicine in 2022 (Effects and safety of combined hypericum perforatum and quercetin in premature ejaculation: A pilot study) highlighted the positive impact of combining quercetin and hypericum perforatum on ejaculation control. This is attributed to how these ingredients regulate serotonin levels, which play a vital role in emotion and mood control, directly influencing sexual health.

The purpose of the scientific research was to evaluate the effectiveness of a supplement that combines the active ingredients of hypericum perforatum and quercetin for the treatment of premature ejaculation. The 12-week study concluded that the combination of both ingredients in a daily consumption supplement "has the potential to be an effective and safe treatment for patients with premature ejaculation."

Experts weigh in

Endorsed by sexual health professionals and experts

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    “1 out of 3 participants in our most recent study overcame premature ejaculation.”

    Dr. Jesús Rodríguez


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    “Initiatives like MYHIXEL are always a positive addition to the field of Sexology.”

    Borja Rodríguez


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    “MYHIXEL provides men with an effective PE therapy they can undertake privately at home, supported by the MYHIXEL team.”

    Dr. Karin S. Eilber


Endorsed by sexual health professionals and experts

  • Natural ingredients

  • Manages anxiety and stress

  • Formulated by sexologists and nutritionists

  • Clinically proven benefits

The perfect complement to MYHIXEL Control

Combine the power of MYHIXEL MAX with the efficacy of the MYHIXEL Control solution to improve your ejaculatory control in a natural and effective way.



Hundreds have already enhanced their ejaculatory control therapy with MYHIXEL MAX

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    “Almost from the first dose, you start to see results: more calmness and mental control to be able to calm down in those moments when it is so necessary.”

    Juan Carlos Bernabéu

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    “The best thing about MYHIXEL MAX is that you not only notice improvement in your sexual relations. You also notice the improvement in your day-to-day life.”

    Martín Agustín

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    “I am so glad I tried MYHIXEL MAX. MYHIXEL MAX has completely transformed my outlook on personal relationships.”

    Benjamín López

Hundreds have already enhanced their ejaculatory control therapy with MYHIXEL MAX