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Do you have any questions about MYHIXEL or any of our products? Do you want to know more about men's sexual health? We solve all your doubts below, and if you have more, contact us, we are at your disposal!

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Frequent Questions:


What is "ejaculation or climax control"?

Ejaculation control or climax control can be defined as a man’s motor ability to decide the duration of sexual intercourse, taking longer or shorter to ejaculate as he pleases. This ability can improve sexual relations. This ability, of climax control, according to recent scientific research has discovered that it can be developed or learned.

With our first proposal, MYHIXEL allows men to acquire this skill to control ejaculation, with the aim of significantly increasing sexual pleasure and satisfaction of both men and their partners.

What is the "ejaculation reflex"?

Ejaculating is a reflex that takes place in two phases:

1.The emission: in this phase, the sperm duct, the seminal vesicle, and the prostate contraction, passes the sperm into the urethra’s base, which
causes tension in the area. Sometimes, for the man, this phase can be felt as the point of no return.

2.The ejection of sperm: a muscle around the base of penis and the anus (called the pubococcygeus muscle or the PC muscle) tightens and shakes
violently and the sperm is ejected through the urethral meatus.

MYHIXEL’s methodology teaches you to control the mechanisms involved in the
previous emission phase. As a consequence, it allows you to decide when to trigger the ejaculation process.

What is the difference between ejaculation control and duration?

Men usually worry about how long they take to ejaculate and believe they suffer from premature ejaculation if they do not last for as long as expected. The real issue is that they have not acquired the ability to
control ejaculation. In this situation, other treatments are focused only on helping men to last longer in their sexual encounter by delaying ejaculation.

MYHIXEL’s methodology goes further, because it teaches you to control your ejaculation time, so that you can decide whether to extend it or shorten it according to your specific needs.

MYHIXEL is the only method that offers men a specific solution for climax control. Therefore, any man, regardless of his current duration, can
benefit from this scientific revolution. Hence, the two proposals that present MYHIXEL to the market: MYHIXEL MED and MYHIXEL TR.


What is MYHIXEL?

MYHIXEL is a pioneer brand that takes care of men’s sexual welfare worldwide. That’s why MYHIXEL launches the unique solution that helps you gain self-confidence and improve the quality of your sexual relationships by controlling ejaculation.

Currently, MYHIXEL offers two revolutionary methodologies, developed by professional sexologists, that combine the most innovative masturbating device (MYHIXEL I) with gamified online programs (MYHIXEL Play). This method helps you control your ejaculation and make your sexual relationships last much longer.

Can we trust in the efficiency of MYHIXEL? Has it been tested?

MYHIXEL cares about improving men’s sexual health in a natural way. For this reason, it has been tested in real men and obtained effective results without drugs, side effects, anesthetic creams or expensive therapies.

Our methodology has been developed from the research work carried out by our sexology team in collaboration with the Miguel Hernández de Elche University (UMH) and the Murcian Sexological Institute (ISM). The results obtained with more than 500 patients support the research that our team has been developing since 2015. With it we have scientifically verified that we provide a natural treatment that allows you to effectively control ejaculation, tripling the duration of your sexual intercourses.


How is the experience of MYHIXEL Play?

MYHIXEL Play makes available to any user the revolutionary scientific methodology for ejaculation control on which the MYHIXEL proposal is based.

With MYHIXEL Play, our main objective is that you have fun doing the program of specific activities for you. For this reason, we put ourselves in the hands of gamification experts who worked to make the experience playful as well as effective and thus avoid the high dropout rates suffered by other therapies. In this way, we have created an online program that adapts to the user and that will guide you through a “space journey” whose objective is for you to reach a new sexual level.

Two programs that adapt to two needs, whose access is determined by the MYHIXEL package you purchase: MYHIXEL MED, designed for men who have been ejaculating in less than 3 minutes since they started having sex, and MYHIXEL TR, for those whose lack of Ejaculation control occurs in specific situations and can be related to anxiety or stress.

In our MYHIXEL Play programs, user data is completely anonymous and meets strict security requirements, fully protecting their privacy.