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Ejaculation control or climax control can be defined as a man's motor ability to decide the duration of sexual intercourse, taking longer or shorter to ejaculate as he pleases. This ability can improve sexual relations. This ability, of climax control, according to recent scientific research has discovered that it can be developed or learned.

With our first proposal, MYHIXEL allows men to acquire this skill to control ejaculation, with the aim of significantly increasing sexual pleasure and satisfaction of both men and their partners.

Ejaculating is a reflex that takes place in two phases:

1.The emission: in this phase, the sperm duct, the seminal vesicle, and the prostate contraction, passes the sperm into the urethra’s base, which causes tension in the area. Sometimes, for the man, this phase can be felt as the point of no return.

2.The ejection of sperm: a muscle around the base of penis and the anus (called the pubococcygeus muscle or the PC muscle) tightens and shakes violently and the sperm is ejected through the urethral meatus.

MYHIXEL's methodology teaches you to control the mechanisms involved in the previous emission phase. As a consequence, it allows you to decide when to trigger the ejaculation process.

Men usually worry about how long they take to ejaculate and believe they suffer from premature ejaculation if they do not last for as long as expected. The real issue is that they have not acquired the ability to control ejaculation. In this situation, other treatments are focused only on helping men to last longer in their sexual encounter by delaying ejaculation.

MYHIXEL's methodology goes further, because it teaches you to control your ejaculation time, so that you can decide whether to extend it or shorten it according to your specific needs.

MYHIXEL is the only method that offers men a specific solution for climax control. Therefore, any man, regardless of his current duration, can benefit from this scientific revolution. Hence, the two proposals that presents MYHIXEL to the market: MYHIXEL MED and MYHIXEL TR.


MYHIXEL is a pioneer brand that takes care of men’s sexual welfare worldwide. That's why MYHIXEL launches the unique solution that helps you gain self-confidence and improve the quality of your sexual relationships by controlling ejaculation.

Currently, MYHIXEL offers two revolutionary methodologies, developed by professional sexologist, that combines the most innovative masturbating device (MYHIXEL I) with gamified online program (MYHIXEL Play). This method helps you control your ejaculation and make your sexual relationships last much longer.

MYHIXEL cares about improving men's sexual health in a natural way. For this reason, it has been tested in real men and obtaining effective results without drugs, side effects, anesthetic creams or expensive therapies.

Our methodology has been developed from the research work carried out by our sexology team in collaboration with the Miguel Hernández de Elche University (UMH) and the Murcian Sexological Institute (ISM). The results obtained with more than 500 patients support the research that our team has been developing since 2015. With it we have scientifically verified that we provide a natural treatment that allows you to effectively control ejaculation, tripling the duration of your sexual intercourses.

MYHIXEL has been scientifically tested. It offers you the most innovative programme in the field of ejaculation control without using medication, losing sensitivity or any other kind of therapies. By using the MYHIXEL method, you will reach a higher level of controlling the moment of ejaculation in a natural way, while at the same time, increasing your confidence and self-esteem.

MYHIXEL is natural and harmless to health, so you do not need a medical prescription to use the MYHIXEL method.

MYHIXEL has designed two proposals adjusted to every man’s needs:

  1. MYHIXEL TR is for men who want to improve their ability to control their ejaculation, because they can’t always manage. This difficulty to control their ejaculation usually occurs during punctual situations that can be related to stress or anxiety.
  2. MYHIXEL MED is for men who ejaculate in less than 3 minutes during a sexual intercourse with penetration and it's something that happens every time or that's been happening since they've started sexual relations.

Both programs are based on the same scientific methodology and the two programs improve ejaculatory control. You should be better off with MYHIXEL MED if ejaculating under 3 minutes with penetration is something that’s been happening since you've started having sexual relations. The MYHIXEL MED package includes a free consultation with one of our specialists. On the other hand, MYHIXEL TR is adapted to you if this difficulty to control your ejaculation occurs during punctual situations and can be related to anxiety or stress.

The International Society for Sexual Medicine (ISSM) committee, agreed that the cut-off time to be able to diagnose a man with premature ejaculation would be less than 3 minutes in a penetrative sexual relationship.

Once the user carries out the MYHIXEL MED method and acquires greater control over their ejaculation, they will not have to subsequently acquire the MYHIXEL TR method. Both programs are based on the same scientific basis, and their differential design responds to the needs of the users, not to their subsequent progress.


MYHIXEL Play programs, Play TR and Play MED, make available to any user the revolutionary scientific methodology for ejaculation control, based on the MYHIXEL proposal.

With MYHIXEL Play our main goal is that the user has fun while performing the activities. For that reason, we asked for the help of gamification experts to make the MYHIXEL experience both effective and entertaining. Using MYHIXEL Play allows users to avoid the high costs of other types of therapies.

In this way, we have created an online program adapted to the user, that will guide you through a "space trip" whose goal is to reach a new sexual level.

Two programs that match with two needs, whose access is determined by the MYHIXEL pack you purchase: MYHIXEL MED, designed for men who have been ejaculating in less than 3 minutes since they've started having sexual relations, and MYHIXEL TR, designed for those whose premature ejaculation occurs during punctual situations and can be related to anxiety or stress.

In our MYHIXEL Play programs, user data is completely anonymous and meets strict security requirements, completely protecting your privacy.

Before you start, you have to download MYHIXEL Play App*. Later, you can register anonymously and access to the program content by using the QR code situated in the packaging purchased and the serial number included in your MYHIXEL I box.

From here the online program guides you through each level and will provide you video explanations with all the details of the challenge of each step. Each program activity focuses on helping you progressively develop greater awareness and management of the mechanisms involved in ejaculation control, while enjoying the process.

*MYHIXEL Play programs are only available in English and Spanish.

Of course, all the activities are focused on acquiring control of ejaculation while feeling pleasure. One of the objectives of the MYHIXEL method is to improve your sexual abilities by enjoying, either alone or with your partner.

No. The treatment is completely safe and harmless.

If you feel any kind of discomfort or pain while you masturbate following the MYHIXEL method, we recommend you not to continue with the program until you have consulted a specialist.

The duration of the program is determined by various factors. In general, MYHIXEL MED users require more time to fully complete the program.

The duration is also related to the number of activities the user does per week, and the success he gets in each of them. For example, for a frequency of 2 or 3 times per week, we recommend, that the duration of the complete treatment should to last from 7 to 12 weeks.

MYHIXEL Play programs are designed to be followed in the privacy of your mobile phone.

Users with an Android system phone can download the application on Google Play. iOS users can download the application via the App Store.

For security and data anonymization reasons, you should know that the program can only be active on a single mobile device. It is not possible to have the program activated on two devices at the same time. If you change your device, you have to start the activation process on this device. Then, when the app asks you to scan the QR code, you should click on the link below that says "Do you have an active program?" After that, the app asks for your email associated and the MYHIXEL I serial number and the activation code you received by email the first time.

You can send your incident to and the MYHIXEL team will contact you as soon as possible.

The MYHIXEL method is designed and tested with the MYHIXEL I device. In fact, it has been specifically designed to replicate the sensations of a real penetration, in order to obtain the best possible results.

We cannot guarantee the effectiveness of the methodology if you use other masturbators or techniques.

With MYHIXEL MED it is advisable not to have sex with your partner until you finish the first level program. According to the masturbation, we do not recommend to masturbate after the activities from each level because this could difficult to achieve the objectives, especially until you have achieved the goals of the planet Inti.

In the case of MYHIXEL TR, there is no limitation in terms of having sex. In relation to masturbation outside the program, if it is done frequently, it will end up reducing progress for each level despite not being contraindicated.

MYHIXEL Play has a stats section, which you can check whenever you want. Just visit the section "Astronaut" in your program and check your evolution.

The MYHIXEL Play programs have been designed by experts in gamification and usability, and for this reason they have been contextualized in a "space travel".

In each program level, videos and explanatory texts are offered to show how can you overcome each challenge. During its realisation, the program gives the user continuous feedback about the success in reaching the objectives proposed for each level. In short, the entire program is designed to be easy to follow and the activities can be carried out correctly.

Furthermore, the online consultation service with professionals specialised in sexual health is offered as a complement. Moreover, MYHIXEL MED users have a query included in their pack, to request it click here.

In any case, if you have any doubts in carrying out the activities of MYHIXEL Play we are at your disposal through the address:

The program architecture is designed so that it is not necessary to collect personal information from the user. Thus, the usage data is completely anonymized, which completely protects your privacy.

In addition, the user data of the program is not related to the data of the MYHIXEL buyer, thus protecting the privacy of our customers.


MYHIXEL I is a pleasure device designed specifically to obtain the best results with MYHIXEL Play, while the user also enjoys. It is a unique product on the market that has the CE certification, as well, including the latest medical and technological advances to recreate a real penetration.

MYHIXEL I is an advanced device*, which has been equipped with a self-heating mode for a more realistic feel and a specific vibration, configured by our team of sexologists, to optimise the result of program activities. In addition, the sleeve design is anatomically realistic, ensuring the best possible user experience. Apart from this, MYHIXEL I has a rechargeable lithium battery using the USB cable included in the pack.

*FDA clearance and CE mark as medical device is being processed.

First of all, make sure that you turn on correctly the vibration mode or the heating, by pressing and holding the corresponding buttons as indicated in the instructions until the specific system is activated.

Second, check that the battery is charged. Use the cable included in your pack to charge the battery through the two magnetic contact points on the top of your device. Connect the cable directly to the power with a USB adapter. Some USB power adapters are not optimal for the MYHIXEL I device, so we invite you to try another adapter.

If your MYHIXEL I device still does not turn on, you can send your inquiry to and our team will try to solve your problem.

For using MYHIXEL I you must apply water-based lubricant inside the canal and through the sleeve hole of the device.

However, we recommend you to use MYHIXEL Lube, our natural lubricant with phytoplankton, a powerful microalgae-based compound with proven health benefits for the skin, especially in your intimate areas. This lubricant is designed to lubricate your MYHIXEL I device and get a realistic feeling of very pleasant penetration.

MYHIXEL I device* has been manufactured with high-quality materials. The sleeve is composed from top quality ThermoPlastic Elastomer (TPE) that passed a reproductive toxicity test, that guarantees semen cannot be harmed. In addition, it does not carry any latex components to avoid allergies.

The casing is made of ABS with a soft touch finish and the central part is covered with silicone to guarantee a more pleasant feel on the skin.

*FDA clearance and CE mark as medical device is being processed.

Once you have finished the activity, you have to remove the sleeve inside the case. Proceed to remove it carefully, because the cable of the vibrator bullet it is inside the sleeve. Next, remove the vibrator bullet from the specific pocket that has the sleeve for this device.

To clean it, put the sleeve under the tap, preferably turn it like a sock, to clean it better. Wash it only with plenty of water. It is really important not to use soap or other chemicals.

Once the sleeve is clean, let it dry out and when it's fully dry put it back inside the case. Do not forget to put the vibrating device back into the corresponding sleeve pocket.

If you want to wash the case, just use a damp cloth to clean it inside and outside, so you won't damage the electronic system.

The device has a two-year manufacturing defects warranty for any failure of electronic components. To check the procedure for returning the product, see here.

The charging system of the MYHIXEL I device is based on a magnetic charging system. You must charge it through the two contact points on the top of the device and with the USB cable, which is included in the pack. It must be connected directly to the electricity by connecting its USB end to a power adapter that you have.

If the device does not charge properly, check your power adapter that you use, it may not be optimal for the MYHIXEL I device.

We recommend you store your MYHIXEL I, completely disconnected, with the vibration and temperature off, in its packaging.

n some phases of the program, MYHIXEL I has to be fixed, for that reason we have the hands-free accessory that you will find on our website.

However, you can use other hands-free systems that you consider appropriate and that allow you to perform the activity conveniently.

On your MYHIXEL I case you will find a power button that will activate the vibration and, just above, a button that will activate the temperature.

To turn on the vibration system, you must press the power button for a few seconds. You will notice that the vibration bullet begins to vibrate and a green LED light up. To turn it off you must press and hold the power button until the vibration stops.

To turn on the self-heating system, you must also press the heating button for a few seconds. You will see that a green LED turns on and flashes slowly, it means that the system is already heating up. It will turn off automatically when it reaches the optimum temperature at 15 minutes. As well, you can turn it off at any time by pressing and holding the heating button for a second.

For your safety, we recommend not heating the device 2 times in a row.

To check the safety and recommendations of use manual click here.


In order to preserve your privacy, your MYHIXEL pack will arrive in a completely discreet box without reference to the brand or product.

Your MYHIXEL pack, delivered in a completely discreet package, takes about 2 or 3 days for national shipments (Spain) and between 5 and 7 days for international shipments.

Our parcel service provider offers a service that informs you of every step of the process so you know exactly when you will receive your parcel. For returning a defective product, please follow this procedure.

You can read here our shipping and returns policy.

If you are not happy with some of the products, you can return them and get a refund within 14 days, as long as the product has not been used or taken out of the box. The delivery expenses are covered by the customer and will not be refunded.

No. The MYHIXEL I device has been designed by experienced doctors to be the perfect complement to the Play TR and Play MED programs. It is not sold separately since it is an essential part of MYHIXEL TR and MYHIXEL MED; without the device the method would not be effective and vice versa.